Stay at home pack – Coronavirus


Trying to navigate this ongoing Coronavirus crisis can be extremely difficult for people on the autism spectrum and their families so we have designed this stay at home pack to try and help. This pack contains weekly planner with symbols, how to wash your hands, keeping calm resource, visual story and a resource to communicate feelings.



The ongoing Coronavirus crisis is difficult to everyone but is has been particularly hard for people with autism or learning difficulties. We really wanted to help and have designed this pack to try and explain what is happening and how it may effect us. We want this pack to be as accessible as possible so we only charge p&p and a free digital download is also available, just contact us via email or social media with your email address.


Visual story – This story explains what covid-19 is, how we can keep ourselves safe, why school and businesses are closed.

Wash hands resource – This is a step by step visual and written guide on how to wash hands effectivley

How do I feel? board – Some autistic people, both pre verbal or verbal, struggle to communicate how they are feel. We have designed a resource that has a range of symbols indicating  both feelings and areas of the body that may hurt and a colour scale to indicate how  bad they feel.

Germs resource – This A4 laminate explains how to keep safe from germs by using good hygiene practices.

Weekly planner – 7 day planner with 45 symbols that are relevant to staying at home that can be used to promote routine.

I can stay calm resource – step by step guide on what you can do to try and stay calm