Food resource pack


Help your child explore new foods with this food resource pack complete with visual story, food symbols, place mat and game.



Food can be a struggle for lots of autistic people and its common for children to have limited or restricted diets, often due to sensory sensitivities. This pack is designed to help your child to explore new foods and understand why a variety of healthy food is important.


Visual story – To help explain what foods are healthy and why our bodies need food

Describe the food game – This encourages your child to explore new foods, they can use either symbol or words provided to decide how the food smells, feels and tastes. Your child will then receive a star after completing the tests on each food.

Star chart – This comes with 8 stars and is a place to put the stars from the food game and you can also add extras if your child experiments with new foods outside of the game.

Plate mat – This A4 Dinner plate mat can be used by the child to help them feel included and in control over the foods they are willing to try by placing the relevant food symbol on the plate, this will them be mirrored in to the child’s plate at meal times. It can also be used as a way to communicate what will be for each meal. Comes with “breakfast” “lunch” “dinner” “tea” “supper” labels

Food symbols – 54 food symbols that can be used with the above resources