Emotions pack


Lots of children and adults on the spectrum find understanding and managing emotions difficult. These resources are designed to help promote understanding and recognition of emotions and feelings.



Emotions pack: We’ve put this pack together to help children understand, and manage their emotions and feelings. This can be really difficult for our children so we’ve tried to put as many variations of resources in to this pack.
5 point scale – this resource is often used in schools as a way for children to begin to recognise how they are feeling, by hopefully identifying their own emotions and working together you can help your child come up with actions that can help calm or lower their anger/anxiety for each section of the scale. Also comes with blank labels so you can add your own options.
There is a pre filled scale that can be used to initially introduce the resource then a blank scale that you and your child can personalise by using the symbols and words included.
5 point scale keychain – This is designed to be used out of the house (this pack is designed for ongoing use and after current restrictions have been lifted)
How do I feel today? – This resource is designed to help your child think about their feelings. They can use the wipe clean board and pen to draw their feelings for the day or even several times throughout the day. (Luca has been using his as you can see in the photos 😂)
Emotions boards – 2 x A4 laminated boards, the first has emotions in symbol and written form which you can use with your child to talk about each emotional (telling your child how each emotion might make you feel can help them to identity the emotion in themselves)
Once your child is able to identify the emotion you can move on to the symbols only board and use the symbols as a matching game.
This pack also comes with a handheld wooden mirror that can be decorated with paint, stickers or pens (not included) to help your child work through this pack.