Back to School

It’s that time of year again, the one we all dread…The first day of term! Going back to school after the weekend is hard enough, but after 6 or 7 weeks it can be an impossible ask. Our children benefit from routine and when there is a change in that routine it can cause so many problems. Luca attends an … Read More

Holiday your way

There are lots of things that Luca enjoys doing when we go to Haggerston Castle on holiday, he just may not do them the traditional way and that’s ok, It’s his time to relax too and he can holiday any way he feels comfortable. Luca doesn’t really enjoy being around large groups of people, but he loves the Nature Rockz … Read More

Food Aversions

Food aversion and sensory sensitivities have been a huge part of our journey with Luca. I have talked about it briefly on some of my previous blogs, but I hear so many parents saying the same things I used to say and worrying about how little their child eats and their restricted diet that I thought I would share our … Read More


Before having Luca I thought communication just meant talking to people….oh how wrong I was! I’ve realised throughout this journey with Luca that every action, every gesture, every behaviour is a language all of its own and it takes a certain amount of patience, perseverance and some mad detective skills to translate it. Luca, like lots of kids with ASC … Read More


Christmas can be a magical time for a lot of families but it can also be a really difficult time for autistic children. Most people when they think of Christmas think about spending time with family, or going to family parties, enjoying the time off work/school, building up the excitement for the big day and decorating the house. All these … Read More

Sensory toys

Most people with a diagnosis of autism will struggle to regulate their sensory input and may over or under react to auditory, tactile or aural input to the point that it affects their everyday life. Trying to help or teach our children how to self-regulate is important to help them manage their emotions and calm anxieties. Every child is different. … Read More

Sensory differences….when do they start?

I had never heard of sensory processing difficulties, sensory issues, sensory needs etc until Luca was born. Looking back, I now know that he has been experiencing sensory difficulties pretty much since birth. When I was 16 weeks pregnant a routine scan picked up that Luca had antenatal hydronephrosis (basically both his kidneys were enlarged) After the initial panic I … Read More

Our first holiday as an autistic family

Don’t let the photo fool you…. this was our first family holiday and it was a hard week! Holidays with children can be difficult at the best of times and holidaying with a child on the spectrum can be stressful for both parents and the child. There are lots of things that you can try to make it easier and … Read More

Going on holiday with an autistic child

Child holiday

Deciding where to goYou may have had a holiday destination recommended to you or read about what seems to be an ideal destination on social media. It’s important that you check this out thoroughly to be sure that it is going to be right for the autistic person you are travelling with. It is best to find out about the … Read More